Dainik Jagran Classified Ads in newspaper tips for general advertisers.

Dainik Jagran Classified Ads

Dainik Jagran Classified Ads necessary for general advertisers:

The newspaper began in 1942 by Puran Chandra Gupta. Today it has grown to become one of India’s most broadly shared newspapers. Dainik Jagran was the most circulated publication in all of India in the year 2017. Dainik Jagran, which changed to Daily Awakening is one of the most important Hindi language daily publications. The affordable section for Dainik Jagran Classified Ads where advertisers publish advertisements.

Dainik Jagran is the second-most nationally circulated Hindi-language daily newspaper. Total readership of more than fifty-five million people. Dainik Jagran is now in 11 states in India and publishes 37 local and city editions of the paper. India’s most successful news publications and are seen as a credible and authentic news sources by their vast and loyal readership. It covers more than 400 towns and cities across India. So this is the main reason behind the success of Dainik Jagran Classified Ads.

Giving great content from across a deep range of categories. Dainik Jagran Classified Ads has made a title for itself as a newspaper that offers something for everyone. Covering local and district news, national as well as global news, politics, sports, technology, and entertainment, Dainik Jagran delivers high-quality Hindi language reporting to its browsers.

How to proceed with Dainik Jagran Classified Ads

Ordering your ads in the classifieds part of Dainik Jagran can help you touch out to a large chunk of India’s vast Hindi-speaking community. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for your advertising needs.

Book your Dainik Jagran Classified Ads by Adeaction and control the potential of this highly profitable promotion channel. Through this channel, you can reach out to large viewers in cities, towns, and communities across India. With the help of Adeaction, advertising your Dainik Jagran classified ad is a swift and hassle-free experience. Strong expertise in the field of Ad position coupled with more than a decade of knowledge in the industry makes Adeaction the best option for booking your Dainik Jagran advertisement. Adeaction, through its strategic ad placement methods and a network of advertising partners across India, ensures you a seamless experience.

Dainik Jagran Advertisement booking easy process:

  1. Click on this link https://www.booknewad.com/news/dainik-jagran-advertisement to book an ad.  
  2. Proceed with choosing the excellent package suiting your budget.
  3. Make your advertisement by picking a template and uploading your content. 
  4. Finally, select the date, pay, and get your ad printed! 
  5. In case of any request, call 07098989891 or email [email protected].

Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ads Offers for Newspaper Classifieds

Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad

Hindustan Times Matrimonial Advertisement booking.

Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad booking process and offer details. You want to publish Hindustan Times Wanted Bride or Wanted Groom ads in India’s leading publication house. This will make your life easy. We are assisting here to highlight your advertisement publish in a leading newspaper. HT Matrimonial offers you to Buy 2 ads and gets 2 free and also Adeaction.com gives you ad creative services for free so that your ad will get more views. Book any advertisement online with a convenient payment process. So will book your matrimonial Hindustan Times instantly.

Marriage, which is termed in Sanskrit as Vivaah, can certainly be defined as a sacred institution where two souls of a man and a woman come together and bind themselves in one single thread of commitment, love, and togetherness for eternity. Though marriage its customs and rituals may be different in different cultures around the world the basic meaning remains the same.

Why place Matrimonial Ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

Hindustan Times is one of the most-read daily newspapers, choosing this platform for placing matrimonial advertisements shall be beneficial.


Now, let us tell the added Benefits of Booking Classified Matrimonial ads in Hindustan Times via Booknewad.com
  1. Wide circulation– The HT newspaper not only has a strong presence in North India at also has wide coverage over the country. Hence, each advertisement that you place here shall reach every corner.
  2. Strong readership figure- This newspaper is one of the most read newspapers in the country as per the IRS Report 2017. Hence advertising here shall have obvious advantages.
  3. Special matrimonial page– HT presents a unique page for matrimonial ads, where advertisers get a wide range of classification options under wanted brides and wanted grooms.
  4. Lowest ad prices Advertising in Hindustan Times is highly cost-effective. Moreover, Adeaction.com is the authorized online ad booking agent of the Hindustan Times. Therefore it ensures the best rates and packages for your advertisement.
  5. Exclusive discounts and offers– Adeaction being accredited by HT, we are in a position to offer special discounts and offers for advertising in HT.

 Moreover, we offer highly secured modes of online payment. Which includes payment via debit and credit cards, net banking, etc. Which all go through numerous layers of security checks to keep your payment details safe.

For more help with the booking of The Hindustan Times Marriage Ad, you can Email us at care[@]adeaction[.]com. We are also available on call at 7098989891 to help you get your ad booked. And you can also chat with us 24×7. website: Booknewad

Book Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspaper, How to get rates?

matrimonial advertisement

Matrimonial Advertisement in the newspaper:

In India, marriage is very deeper than just the combination of two individuals. It is not just a day-long ritual but it is a tradition that involves months of planning and concoction until the final union. Unlike the west, planned marriages (matrimonial advertisements in newspapers) are still in vogue in our nation. Where the family looks for a proper bride or groom rather than the individual. The procedure is an elongated but endearing one that Indians embrace with extreme passion.

But, the pursuit is not such a simple one when it comes to managing the alliance. The families spread the word amongst friends and neighbors for a potential bride/ groom, upload bio-data on various matrimonial websites, or put up a matrimonial ad in several newspapers. The most trusted medium since time traditional has been the popular newspaper matrimonial advertisement in newspaper.

How to find Bride or Groom in India:

Plan the way of finding a Partner methodically: This is the most important requirement for any adult. Who wants to get hooked, everything else follows. Managing your partner’s race in the right direction is crucial. If you are planning an arranged marriage, it becomes more important to find a suitable partner via an authentic and reliable medium. Adeaction.com is one of the best online facility providers for finding suitable matches both for Brides and Grooms and has been serving people for a decade now. You can publish your matrimonial ad under any of the sections. Bride or Groom wanted classified advertisements in any newspaper of your choice like The Sunday Times, Anandabazar Patrika, etc

The Benefit of a Matrimonial Ad in newspaper classified:

The benefit of presenting a newspaper matrimonial is that possibility, the reach is far and extensive. It has and maintains to be a reliable channel. Remote cities and rural residents find it easier to access a newspaper rather than a matrimonial website. Moreover, the older generation who takes the duty of getting the suitor is more bent towards reading newspapers, thus, making it an efficient tool to escalate the information.

This could similarly be assumed that newspaper matrimonials barely have any limitations or disadvantages. One gets to publish as well as extract all data they want regarding the wanted bride/ groom which holds details about the family, religion/caste, professional choice, age, and even a classification of the wanted partner. Communication details of the family come in usable in case one wants to respond and revert to the matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper. It sure is an effective way to get a better half.

Entire Method of Times of India Matrimonial Ad booking

If there’s a brainteaser about the entire method of matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper, it could be the hurdle of getting an ad to publish. Many people do not opt for advertisements as they are not aware of the entire method. Is that your problem too? Here’s the answer. There are multiple ad booking companies which will help you book your advertisement, one such is Adeaction.

Adeaction is one of the old and trusted online ad agencies that gets you completely satisfied. From choosing any newspaper edition, properly formulating and creating a matrimonial advertisement format for the bride or groom, and selecting your preferred date of printing. Want to know the procedure? Here it is-

Matrimonial advertisement in newspaper booking is easy:

  1. Click on this link https://www.booknewad.com/cate/cd-ad/matrimonial to book a matrimonial ad.  
  2. Proceed with choosing the excellent package suiting your budget.
  3. Make your advertisement by picking a template and uploading your content. 
  4. Finally, select the date, pay, and get your ad in the newspaper!

In case of any request, call 07098989891 or email at care[@]adeaction.com.

Not comfortable booking the advertisement online yourself? Call us, Adeaction executives will do it for you after getting all your demands and guidelines.

Please don’t delay Matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper anymore as Booknewad is a reliable medium to get your ads published. It’s hassle-free!

One stop solution for Times of India Matrimonial Ad Rates

Finding Times of India Matrimonial ad rates is not a big job, you can find them easily from any ad booking website or call some Times of India ad booking agent, you will get all the rater at your fingertip. But the big deal is to select any one perfect package or any combination package from those package lists.

Matrimonial Classified
Matrimonial Classified

Why this is a big deal? 

Because these packages are not FREE, all packages are chargeable. Now you might think that then why chose these are very expensive newspaper ads, but for your information newspaper classifieds are the most affordable and convenient for matrimonial ads. You have to be very specific about your selection if your budget is not high, you can repeat that package at a discounted rate, find these packages online or you may call or visit our page for instant rates and quotations. Few matrimonial ad packages are like this –

Shagun - Times of India - {(Delhi & NCR, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow (includes Kanpur), Madhya Pradesh (Covers Indore & Raipur)} + Navbharat Times - (Delhi & NCR + Lucknow)

Bandhan - Times of India - (Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Goa) + Mumbai Mirror

Western Delight - The Times of India - (Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad) + Mumbai Mirror

What are the discounted packages?

Times of India offers discounted packages for their matrimonial advertisers, all packages fall into this offer. You can check the availability of these at Matrimonial Ad discounted packages. All packages have two types of rates one for ROL (Run on Line) and another is CD (Classified Display) ads. Both have their separate price and specialty, such as running online ads can be published only in text line format and classified display ads can only publish ad images also you can add colors in cd ads.

How to book these ads online?

You already know about rates and ad type, now you are confident about your package selection. You can continue the booking in the same place or you may take help from our experts. But for self-help, you can check the Faq section.

Need to do anything after booking?

No, you can do your other arrangement for your loved one marriage, once the booking is confirmed you will receive an automatic email or message regarding ad publication confirmation. You can also track your ads after booking or payment from the track my ad section.

Amar Ujala advertisement rates and Ad Booking Online Updated

amar ujala classified

Looking for Amar Ujala Ad rates for Newspaper Classified Advertisement booking online? We are using online advertisement booking services for the last 10 years. Also, you will get Amar Ujala advertisement rates instantly online.

You will get all the most popular newspapers advertisement rates from our newspaper ad booking website. But we are looking for Amar Ujala advertisement rates at your fingertip. Also, get the newspaper classified ad rates online we help you to book the ad with an appropriate ad budget. That means if you wish to book a newspaper classified in Amar Ujala, you do not need to go to the physical booking office. With just a couple of clicks, you will be able to publish the Advertisement in the newspaper.

Amar Ujala advertisement rates and Ad Booking Online:

Let’s say you want to book an ad in Uttarakhand matrimonials which separate hard is coming on every Sunday with Amar Ujala newspaper. You need to log in to the site for Amar Ujala. Then select the ad category from the list as well as the type of your ad. After this, you will have to choose the city name or package available on the site. The next step is you need to compose your newspaper ad, you can see the estimated cost of your ad below the compose box. Next part you need to select the date of your publication. The final step is you need to register yourself with basic details and pay online or offline for your Uttarakhand Matrimonials.

Not only that you will get the tracking details against your booking with Adeaction. Through this, you can track your ad at any time through the website.

If you want to know more about the ad booking process you can check the images attached here or call us @ 7098989891

Book Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ad in newspaper classified

amar ujala Matrimonial ad

Publish Book Amar Ujala Classified Matrimonial Ad Effective and Easily.

Our conversation has got several elements that we would love to answer for you, such as why is it useful to place the Amar Ujala Classified Ad? Why is it simple to do so and how to do it? Let us first explain why placing Advertisements in Amar Ujala is more efficient? Amar Ujala is one of the most reputed newspapers in India.

It has a wide Distribution with 21+ Editions or cities Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Varanasi, Agra, etc. Booking an advertisement in Amar Ujala Classified section is more powerful because it is a Hindi Daily and Hindi is the approved Language of India, many people prefer it to buy and read. The cost of booking an Ad in Amar Ujala is much cheaper than compared to other newspapers.

Amar Ujala Classified Ad rates:

Let us now delve into why it is easy. Placing an Ad now is not like before when customers had to deal with Ad agencies or newspaper houses directly. With the introduction of the Internet, everything is online now, so you can now commit your time to so many amazing things and avoid unnecessary trips. This experience is made more comfortable and everlasting by Adeaction, with its customer-friendly website and an unending list of choices.

Let us now conduct you to how to do it partly. Customers have to visit the website and select Amar Ujala from the list of newspapers mentioned at the lower end of the page.

After that, the customer can select from the classified Advertisements and the categories where they want to book the Ad. Next, select the edition or the package that would best suit them. This would then take them to the main section, where they would compose the Ads. One of the most fascinating things about this paper is that they could even place an Ad in Hindi even if they cannot do so by themselves.

Expert Advice:

Our experts are always there to translate the matter by keeping every important point intact. Next, they can select from amongst the enhancement options, the Publication Date. Then upload of correct documents if required, and pay the Bill. Within a very short period, they would receive a mail verifying the Receipt of payment once it gets through, and the mail of confirmation as soon as the Ad gets sent to Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ad to be published.

In case of any issue with the Payment or the Publishing of the Ad Adeaction is quick to solve it. We may also bother with the Documents if we do not receive them on time. Because as per our policies we cannot publish any Ads unless we fulfill all the obligations. That we have towards our newspaper Partners. It is a safety regulation that we cannot and will not avoid at any cost.

Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ad booking easy process:

  1. Click on this link https://www.booknewad.com/news/amar-ujala-advertisement/matrimonial/text-ad to book a matrimonial ad
  2. Proceed with choosing the excellent package suiting your budget.
  3. Make your advertisement by picking a template and uploading your content. 
  4. Finally, select the date, pay, and get your ad printed! 
  5. In case of any request, call 07098989891 or email [email protected].

Ei Samay Matrimonial Ad Booking easy and safe process

Book Ei Samay Matrimonial Advertisement Online

Book your Ei Samay newspaper matrimonial (Patro Patri) ad online. Limited period offer.

মনের মতো পাত্র বা পাত্রী খুঁজতে এখন আর কোথাও যাওয়ার প্রয়োজন থাকবে না। জানুন তাহলে কি পদ্ধতি তে পাবেন মানের মানুষ কে।

How to Book Matrimonial Advertisement in Ei Samay Newspaper?

আপনি যদি নিজের বিয়ের জন্য পাত্র বা পাত্রী খুজছেন তাহলে আপনার চিন্তার দিন শেষ । আজি নিজের মানের পাত্র বা পাত্রী পেতে এই সময় নিউজপেপারে একটি বিয়ের বিজ্ঞাপন বুক করে নিন। আপনার বিয়ের জানান পাত্র পাত্রীর সঠিক সন্ধান এখানেই শেষ হয়ে যেতে পারে। আমাদের অনলাইন এডভার্টাইসমেন্ট এজেন্সী থেকে বহু বাবা মা তার সন্তানের জন্য বিয়ের বিজ্ঞাপন দিয়ে খুশি হয়েছেন। কারণ আমাদের এজেন্সী বাকি এজেন্সি দের মতো জোর করে কখনো কিছু বিক্রি করে না । আপনি আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করলে আপনার প্রয়োজন ও উদ্দেশ্য সম্পর্কে বিবেচনা করে কি ধরনের বিজ্ঞাপন দিতে পারেন সে বিবিসয়ে জানিয়ে দি। আপনার যা প্রয়োজন তার বাইরে কিছু বোঝানোর চেষ্টা করি না । আপনাদের বলে রাখা ভালো যে এই সময় এখন পশ্চিম বঙ্গের তৃতীয় বৃহত্তম দৈনিক সংবাদ পত্র । তাই আপনার বিজ্ঞাপন পৌঁছে যাবে প্রতিটি কলকাতাবাসী ও তথা সারা পশ্চিমবংলায়। এই সময় হলো দি টাইমস অফ ইন্ডিয়া গ্রূপ এর বাংলা দৈনিক খবরের কাগজ, তাই ভরসা রাখতে পারেন । আপনার বিয়ের বেপারে আপনি যতটা না চেষ্টা করছেন তার থেকে বেশি চেষ্টা আমরা করে থাকি যাতে আপনি সঠিক খবরের কাগজে আপনি আপনার বিজ্ঞাপন প্রকাশ করেন। আমাদের প্রচেষ্টা ও আপনাদের বিশ্বাস এভাবেই আপনি আপনার বিবাহের লক্ষে ঠিক পৌঁছে যাবেন । প্রতিটি পাঠক কে ধন্যবাদ জানাই ।

পাত্র চাই পাত্রী চাই বিজ্ঞাপন এখন মাত্র Rs. 1025 টাকাতেই।

Now you don’t have to go anywhere to find the bride or groom you like. Find out then who will get the quality people in the method.

If you are looking for a bride or groom for your wedding then your worries are over. Book a wedding advertisement in the newspaper Ei Samay to get your quality bride or groom today. Finding the right bride and groom can end up here. Many parents from our online advertising agency are happy with the wedding advertisement for their child. Because our agency never sells anything like the rest of the agencies. If you contact us, let the BBC know what kind of ads you can consider considering your needs and motives. Don’t try to explain anything beyond what you need. It is good to tell you that Ei Samay is now the third-largest daily newspaper in West Bengal. So your ad will reach every Kolkata resident and all over West Bengal. Ei Samay is The Times of India Group’s Bengali daily newspaper, so you can count on it. We try harder than you can to get your marriage Ad published in the right newspaper. Our efforts and your faith will help you to reach your goal of marriage. Thanks to every reader.

How to book a matrimonial ad in Anandabazar Patrika/ Bartaman/ Ei Samay/ Times of India in Kolkata?


Anandabazar Matrimonial Advertisement at Affordable rate for Patri Patro Chai

Thinking to publish Classified Anandabazar Matrimonial Advertisements in Anandabazar Patrika? You can immediately schedule them online hassle-free at www.booknewad.com!

Anandabazar Patrika Patri Chai & Patro Chai Ads online booking.

To know more about Adeaction and its services, please visit the about us page.

You can decide to publish your Ad in English or have it translated to Bengali – a complimentary service that we offer for all regional newspapers.
We also suggest the Telegraph + Advertisements in Anandabazar Patrika – Patri Chai & Patro Chai, a combination of unique Package – which allows you to publish your Advertisement under both Telegraph & ABP at an additional 10% discount than the main rates. You will be automatically suggested this package as you continue your booking on our website.
You can avail of a special 10% Discount on the order of ABP + Telegraph Ads! Book The Telegraph Classified Ads Online at Adeaction because ABP offers combination discounts.
Check out other discount packs given by Anandabazar Matrimonial Advertisement on the Rates & Offers page.
You can now book your Commercial for Ananda Bazar Patrika in just 3 simple moves:

Anandabazar Patrika Matrimonial Advertisement
Anandabazar Patrika Matrimonial Advertisement

1. Visit Anandabazar Patrika – Patri Chai. 2. Provide details of the ad including Information and Enhancements (such as Background Colour, Bold, and so on) 3. Select publish days, all of the Special Insertion Offers, and Confirm the ad details along with the payment. Now it is done for Anandabazar Matrimonial Advertisement.

Anandabazar Patrika Patri Chai & Patro Chai, advertisement booking online, Book newspaper ad online.

For replies to commonly asked questions, you can check out our FAQs here.
Now you can also book your Display ads for any newspaper directly online in 3 simple steps!
Anandabazar Patrika is the largest circulated Bengali daily in Kolkata with a circulation of 12 lakh+ approximately.

Anandabazar includes the following editions:

So go ahead and book your Anandabazar Patrika classified/ display classified ads at the source of newspaper advertising Anandabazar Patrika Change of Name (name Podobi Paribartan) ads directly online at Adeaction! Book your Anandabazar Patrika lost and found advertisements at the cheapest rates, clear payments, and get instant approval for your newspaper announcement ad!
Now booking your Public Notice Advertisement in Anandabazar Patrika is easier than always via Adeaction.
So do you want to order your Tender Ads in Anandabazar Patrika via the internet? Visit Adeaction.com and schedule your Anandabazar Patrika Public Notice ads, Anandabazar Patrika tenders ads online at the lowest reasonable rates! Because this is the best Ad agency in India whom you can trust.

Do you want to book Anandabazar Patrika Obituary Advertisement?

bartaman patrika advertisement office

Now book Anandabazar Patrika Obituary Advertisement/death announcement classified advertisements for Anandabazar Patrika at the lowest cost at Booknewad

Why Obituary Ad in Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper is important?

Booking Classified Display Obituaries on Booknewad is as easy as following simple steps:

The first step is to select the city here. Where you want to publish Obituary Ad. Under the Obituary category, there are subcategories. Like Death Acknowledgement, Death Anniversary, Remembrances, Kriya. And more specific headings for your ad to be listed under the most appropriate title. So that the ad reaches out to specific people.
The next page is the ‘Write or Create Ad’ page. It enables you to type your composed message. Or a professionally composed one to be published in a newspaper of your choice.
On the last page, you have to confirm your release dates along with clearing payment. Via our secure online & offline payment mediums.
The online payment mediums via Debit/Credit Cards & Net Banking (All Indian Banks).

Booking Classified Display Obituaries on Booknewad is as easy as following simple steps.

The selected ad type is ‘Classified Display’ in this case. The next step composing your ad. This step is choosing the Subcategory as Obituary, under which you want to publish your ad.
The most interesting & creative yet simple step is composing the ‘display classified’ ad. You can customize your ad by adding the image of the deceased. You may specify the appropriate ceremony that is being held in honor of your loved one. It makes your invitation or ceremony distinct. To ensure that your ad appears in the newspaper exactly as you wished it to. Then preview your ad.
To conclude the booking process & receive an instant confirmation. Confirm your release date and clear your payments. Via our secure online payment mediums which include Debit/Credit Card & Net Banking.

How To Compose Your Obituary Ad In Anandabazar Patrika To Get Largest Response?

An obituary is a notice of a person’s death and usually contains a brief account of the person’s life. Obituary advertisements provide contact details of the family of the bereaved for people to pay their respects. As well as the details of the upcoming funeral or memorial service. Here is why you should book your obituary ads in newspapers:

Provides Information: Obituary advertisements provide information about a recently deceased person. As well as a brief biography about them.

Reaching Family and Friends: Obituary advertisements help to reach out to extended family members. And friends of the deceased so that they may come and pay their respects.

Bring People Together: Obituary advertisements help to bring friends and acquaintances close. To the family of the deceased.

Paying Respect: Obituary advertisements serve to pay homage to the deceased as well as honor their achievements.

Wide Reach of Newspapers: In India, a large number of people in cities and villages across the country read newspapers. Newspapers are read by people from all walks of life.

Obituary Ad Composing Tips:

Mention the name of the Advertiser name in the ad.
Please mention the date of death within the ad content.
Ensure not to mention the reason for death within the ad content.
Mention the address or venue in case you are organizing an event.
Ensure to inform the date & time if events such as Shradh/ month’s mind mass/ Cremation etc. are organized.
Mention the names of the person, who are placing the obituary ad.

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