Deccan Herald Classified Ads Online Booking fare price

How to get Deccan Herald classified Advertisement Rate Card online?

You can now find all the rate cards for newspaper ads at you not only get the ad rates online we help you to book the ad with an appropriate ad budget. That means if you wish to book a Deccan Herald Classified Advertisement, you do not need to go to the offline booking office. Just after a few clicks, you will get your ad published in the paper.

Let’s say you want to book an ad in Deccan Herald Classified matrimonial which is coming on every Sunday with the paper. You need to log in to the site and select newspaper from the drop-down menu as well as the category of your ad. After doing this you will have to choose the city name or package is available on the site. The next step is you need to compose your newspaper ad, you can see the estimated cost of your ad below the compose box. The next part is you need to select the date of your publication. The final step is you need to register your shelf with and pay online or offline.

Not only that you will get the tracking or booking number against your booking with Through this, you can track your ad at any time through the website. Deccan Herald Classified offers a range of Advertisements like Business, Recruitment, Personal Ad, Lost & Found, Public Notice, Court Notice, Missing Person, Name Change, Property, To Rent or Lease, Pets, Travel, Veichel, Sopping, Education, Astrology, Computer, and etc.

If you want to know more about the ad booking process of Deccan Herald Classified you can check the images attached here or call us @ 7098989891