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Hindustan Times Matrimonial Advertisement booking.

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Marriage, which is termed in Sanskrit as Vivaah, can certainly be defined as a sacred institution where two souls of a man and a woman come together and bind themselves in one single thread of commitment, love, and togetherness for eternity. Though marriage its customs and rituals may be different in different cultures around the world the basic meaning remains the same.

Why place Matrimonial Ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

Hindustan Times is one of the most-read daily newspapers, choosing this platform for placing matrimonial advertisements shall be beneficial.


Now, let us tell the added Benefits of Booking Classified Matrimonial ads in Hindustan Times via Booknewad.com
  1. Wide circulation– The HT newspaper not only has a strong presence in North India at also has wide coverage over the country. Hence, each advertisement that you place here shall reach every corner.
  2. Strong readership figure- This newspaper is one of the most read newspapers in the country as per the IRS Report 2017. Hence advertising here shall have obvious advantages.
  3. Special matrimonial page– HT presents a unique page for matrimonial ads, where advertisers get a wide range of classification options under wanted brides and wanted grooms.
  4. Lowest ad prices Advertising in Hindustan Times is highly cost-effective. Moreover, Adeaction.com is the authorized online ad booking agent of the Hindustan Times. Therefore it ensures the best rates and packages for your advertisement.
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