Looking for Bride or Groom for yourself? We will give you a perfect one.

If you have decided to take the biggest decision in your life then be careful and take time and effort to do.  Yes, we are talking about marriage, people wanted to do marriage but they didn’t find the perfect Bride or groom for their self. Also, you can see all the known people around you is very happy with the right decision about getting married.

In the ’90s or earlier 21 century, people used to call a wedding Pandit or Ghatak who will show the photo and you have to dice on the basis of their predictions and information regarding the partner you chose for your marriage.

But things ganged after 2006 and people started using Mobile phone, Smart Phone & computers for their daily life. So then online matrimonial ad booking websites come to grab the market.

But sins newspaper classified advertisements started booking matrimonial ad booking online people have switched to this traditional process of getting married. Because most of the educated families don’t have time to spend hours & hours and in result not getting the perfect match. So they switched to the traditional method of matrimonial ad booking online. Because it’s a time saver for all, no need to sit in front of the computer and spend thousands of hours, just fill the advertisement content and fill basic personal details and online payment


1. Don’t leave all the pressure on parents, relatives. Try to find your self and meet them in a good place.

2. If you found someone perfect then at list verify the details about him/her.

3. If your parents found something wrong, please keep that in mind and discuss those things and get the real facts.

4. If no one found, publish newspaper Matrimonial advertisements. Do not use any other attractive alternatives, because newspaper matrimonial is the largest getaway to get a perfect match for your life.

5. After ad publishes get around 100 calls, short them as per your decided points.

6. Fix meetings with them, 1st meeting with family and parents 2nd meeting alone in a cafe/public place. (Ask everything which you want to know about him/her, on 2nd meeting don’t hesitate at the time of the conversation. because this one is the lifetime diction. Clear all points & doubts about his/her family.)

7. Give some time to think about the relation.

8. Side by side you also start background vitrifaction.

9. Then finale meeting with all of your close family member.

10. Finally, decide you want to marry him/her. (If you have any doubts please clear before going to any engagement.)

Also, you can hire any specialist to give a perfect idea, how to go about it.

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Please let us know how you found your Bride or Groom for yourself?