Dainik Jagran Classified Ads in newspaper tips for general advertisers.

Dainik Jagran Classified Ads

Dainik Jagran Classified Ads necessary for general advertisers:

The newspaper began in 1942 by Puran Chandra Gupta. Today it has grown to become one of India’s most broadly shared newspapers. Dainik Jagran was the most circulated publication in all of India in the year 2017. Dainik Jagran, which changed to Daily Awakening is one of the most important Hindi language daily publications. The affordable section for Dainik Jagran Classified Ads where advertisers publish advertisements.

Dainik Jagran is the second-most nationally circulated Hindi-language daily newspaper. Total readership of more than fifty-five million people. Dainik Jagran is now in 11 states in India and publishes 37 local and city editions of the paper. India’s most successful news publications and are seen as a credible and authentic news sources by their vast and loyal readership. It covers more than 400 towns and cities across India. So this is the main reason behind the success of Dainik Jagran Classified Ads.

Giving great content from across a deep range of categories. Dainik Jagran Classified Ads has made a title for itself as a newspaper that offers something for everyone. Covering local and district news, national as well as global news, politics, sports, technology, and entertainment, Dainik Jagran delivers high-quality Hindi language reporting to its browsers.

How to proceed with Dainik Jagran Classified Ads

Ordering your ads in the classifieds part of Dainik Jagran can help you touch out to a large chunk of India’s vast Hindi-speaking community. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for your advertising needs.

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Dainik Jagran Advertisement booking easy process:

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  3. Make your advertisement by picking a template and uploading your content. 
  4. Finally, select the date, pay, and get your ad printed! 
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Newspaper classified Advertisement online booking at the lowest cost

newspaper classified advertisement

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The automation of newspaper Advertisement:

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Advertisement in newspaper – Know the process and cost of advertising

Sample Classified Ads and Display Ads

How to publish any Advertisement in newspaper:

What is an Advertisement in newspaper?

Newspaper Ads are nothing but a medium of promotion and information distribution at cost. For example, if you want to inform people about your recent name change then you have to publish one name change advertisement in a newspaper. Similarly, if you have a business and you want more visibility and sales then you have to publish a classified advertisement in a newspaper.

So any information printed in the newspaper rather than any news is a paid news or promotion and that is called an Advertisement in newspaper. Basically

Type of Advertisements published in the newspaper.

Basically, two types of newspaper Advertisements available. First Classified and second is Display Advertisement.

Classified Advertisement:

This is an economical advertisement format in any newspaper. Just like a public Bus where everyone is paying little for the whole bus. The same goes for newspaper classified Ads, advertisers have a low budget so they prefer classified advertisements. Also, classified advertisement having 4 segments for publishing ads in style.

Inside of a classified page example
Inside of a classified page example

  • Normal Run on Line Text Advertisement – Only Text lines will be printed.
  • Text ads with enhancements – You can add color, border, small tick mark, etc.
  • Classified Display Ads – This is like Display one but on the classified page with few restrictions.
  • Multi-column Classified Display Ad – This is like Display one but on the classified page with fewer restrictions.
Display Advertisement:

Display Ads just a luxury addition like Airplane. Where you have less distraction and huge time-saving but at a higher cost. The same goes for Display advertisements in newspapers. Here you have all the options open unless you want to squeeze your budget. So from classified to Display Ads is like a road bus to airbus travel. You have all options open for your Ads. If you want to add any image, logo, font, color, and many more. All Big Brands refer to the Display Ads Because they get maximum value out of them.

Newspaper Display Ad example
Newspaper Display Ad example

All brands have their own USP and they want to Display everywhere. So on a newspaper front page, a full-page ad may cost you more than 2.5 lakh to 25 Lakh. That also depends on newspaper brand, city, season time, and other factors like the number of Ads, page, and position.

The cost of a basic Display Advertisement starts around 10000 rupees and you can increase the size or change the page or position of your Advertisement. So control over the Advertisement is almost in your hand. Because you are sponsoring the page or the newspaper for that day. So in print media or rather say any media will give more attention to their advertisers. Mostly Display ads are expensive but the output impact is also huge.

The booking process of Advertisement in a newspaper:

So finally you know what is newspaper advertisement and you want to book your first newspaper advertisement. In that case, the first option is you can visit any local publication office with your advertisement content. Ask them to publish the content in their newspaper. They will charge as per their rate card and you have to pay the charges as per the rate card.

The second option is online booking, simply visit https://www.adeaction.com and find your newspaper and upload your ad content calculate the cost select release date, and finally pay online. This option is more convenient because you don’t have to visit physically so saving time. You can negotiate the cost for a better deal with every website and agency. Creative design is free with Adeaction, along with multiple alterations.

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