Amar Ujala advertisement rates and Ad Booking Online Updated

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Looking for Amar Ujala Ad rates for Newspaper Classified Advertisement booking online? We are using online advertisement booking services for the last 10 years. Also, you will get Amar Ujala advertisement rates instantly online.

You will get all the most popular newspapers advertisement rates from our newspaper ad booking website. But we are looking for Amar Ujala advertisement rates at your fingertip. Also, get the newspaper classified ad rates online we help you to book the ad with an appropriate ad budget. That means if you wish to book a newspaper classified in Amar Ujala, you do not need to go to the physical booking office. With just a couple of clicks, you will be able to publish the Advertisement in the newspaper.

Amar Ujala advertisement rates and Ad Booking Online:

Let’s say you want to book an ad in Uttarakhand matrimonials which separate hard is coming on every Sunday with Amar Ujala newspaper. You need to log in to the site for Amar Ujala. Then select the ad category from the list as well as the type of your ad. After this, you will have to choose the city name or package available on the site. The next step is you need to compose your newspaper ad, you can see the estimated cost of your ad below the compose box. Next part you need to select the date of your publication. The final step is you need to register yourself with basic details and pay online or offline for your Uttarakhand Matrimonials.

Not only that you will get the tracking details against your booking with Adeaction. Through this, you can track your ad at any time through the website.

If you want to know more about the ad booking process you can check the images attached here or call us @ 7098989891

Times of India Matrimonial Ads Offer. Pay for 2 Get 2 Free!

times soulmate

Book your Times Matrimonial Advertisement booking in India’s leading newspapers The Times of India, Mirror, Maharashtra Times, Ei Somoy, Economic Times, Sandhya Times & Navabharat Times. offers the best offer for Matrimonial Ad 1. Pay for 2 get 2 FREE & 2. Pay for 3 get 3 FREE!! Hurry up offer is valid for a limited time, and can be ended at any moment. Packages start from Rs. 300/- only. The publication has all over India distribution. Mostly circulated in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Patna, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. Book your ad Now!!

Presently, The Times of India Matrimonial Ads are very common among the readers since this newspaper has a huge readership numeral.

So, if you are thinking to book your matrimonial ad in the TOI newspaper, you need to understand a few ad booking hacks to make your Ad better.
book 2 Ads get 2 Free book Ads get 3 Free
The Times of India matrimonial offer book 2 Ads get 2 Free book Ads to get 3 Free
  • Use of enhancements while booking classified text ads-Times of India Matrimonial Ad

While you book the plain text ads, you may use some enhancements like background tone, a shade around your ad matter. The image along with text or run-on display highlights the content by marking it. All these tools shall help your ad to be out of the clutter.

If you require a pocket-friendly way of advertising yet wish to have a uniqueness in your advertisement, go for this format.

  • Classified Display advertisements-

The classified display format of ads is one of the common popular ways of advertising. Though it costs higher than the text form of advertisement. Advertisers get the opportunity to create Ads using a logo, image, fancy glowing fonts, fancy edges, and colored backgrounds. The only limitation that this form has is the column width. Advertisements of this format are measured and priced on the basis of per square centimeter unit.

You can also see these Times of India matrimonial booking.


You don’t know? how to book a matrimonial ad in the Times of India Newspaper. Watch the video now.

 frustrated and needing Ad booking assistance, shall help you to get classified. We are the best online ad booking agency in India. Our media experts guide advertisers in the best possible way. To book ads with us and to know more about such ad booking tools you may either visit our website or call us at 07098989891. We are assisting happy advertisers since 2014 with our virtual presence across the country. Still, if you searching for Times of India matrimonial advertisement contact number please call (+91 70989 89891) and for the Times of India Matrimonial website please visit

Get Times of India matrimonial ad rates here –

Classified Line Ads –

Classified Display Ads –

To book an Advertisement for Times of India matrimonial classified you can visit the above links and choose the package that suits you best. Compose the Ad matter like – SM4 Bful. 25/5’4″ MBA, working in MNC …. Ph: xxxxxx8740. Then chose the printing date and make the payment online. After that, you will receive confirmation SMS and email based on the information provided by you at the time of your Times of India matrimonial classified ad booking.

This is one of the best online matrimonial advertisement booking methods for the Times of India newspaper. Here you don’t need to contact times of India matrimonial services directly, things can be done at your convenience. You don’t have to worry about the Times of India matrimonial ad cost because the booking website will show you the cost in front of you on your device. You will book the ad in The Times of India Matrimonial section in the comfort of your home or office. After booking you can ask your newspaper vendor to give you The Times of India matrimonial newspaper if you did not subscribe to TOI newspaper yet.




Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad Booking – Gest Lowest Ad Rates

hindustan times Book Matrimonial Advertisement Online

Hindustan Times Matrimonial Offers 1+1 and 2+2. Limited period offer! Hurry up.

Hindustan Times Matrimonial ads have become a popular platform among the literate population to find the best match for their loved ones. Hindustan Times consistently reached out to the rest in delivering unbiased news and creating success stories of newly-wed couples. Being established in 1924 and named after the old term of India Hindustan, it is one of the largest newspapers in terms of distribution and readership. With 1.16 million print in circulation in 2015, it is the second most widely read English daily in India. Besides news and information, Hindustan Times features effective classified ads of matrimony, recruitment, business, properties, retail, education, etc.

hindustan-times-matrimonial-1+1offerSo many popular publications in India, Hindustan Times one of them, northern India HT matrimonial is highly popular. Delhi, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bhopal, Jaipur, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, HT Matrimonial Ads high rate of relevant responses. In newspaper ads, HT matrimonial ads dominate northern India Circulation.

Maximum Response: HT has a large reader base, right from the youths to senior citizens because it has maintained a high standard of journalism throughout the years. The readers trust the newspaper as it provides official information to readers. HT has been largely accepted in many households as it connects well with its readers and it will drive you to get exactly the type of match you are looking for.


Cost-effective: Matrimonial classified in Hindustan Times is relatively low. The most cost-effective method to reach the masses is through the newspaper. Therefore you are saving a lot of money and at the same time reaching a huge mass.

With Adeaction, you can easily book your matrimonial Ad in Hindustan Times. Adeaction is the largest online ad booking platform and provides various Advertisement options to bring the entire marketplace within your hand. We often provide a discount to our customers on matrimonial and other ads. Our executives are available 24×7 at your service. So call us today or visit our website to book your ad.

Why Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad so popular in North India:

HT Matrimonial Ads were published on Sunday along with the main newspapers. Almost every matrimonial ads published on Sunday. So that the target audience can access the right adverts in the right place. On a day when they are free of other hectic tasks.
This time Hindustan Times offers a scheme for all matrimonial advertisers, it’s the Limited Period OFFER you can book 1 ad and get 1 free, and you can book 2 ads and get 2 ads free of cost on the matrimonial page of Hindustan Times.
This offer is available online only at and you can get an extra discount on our site. We are the biggest official online ad booking agent in India. So hurry up and book your matrimonial ads in HT Matrimonial. You can call +91 7098989891 or visit our website and book your ad instantly.

Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad Online Ad Booking process:

  1. Click on the link website link to get the best rates. 
  2. Proceed with choosing the excellent package suiting your budget.
  3. Make your advertisement by picking a template and uploading your content. 
  4. Finally, select the date, pay, and get your ad printed!
  5. In case of any request, call +917098989891 or email [email protected].

Ei Samay Matrimonial Ad Booking easy and safe process

Book Ei Samay Matrimonial Advertisement Online

Book your Ei Samay newspaper matrimonial (Patro Patri) ad online. Limited period offer.

মনের মতো পাত্র বা পাত্রী খুঁজতে এখন আর কোথাও যাওয়ার প্রয়োজন থাকবে না। জানুন তাহলে কি পদ্ধতি তে পাবেন মানের মানুষ কে।

How to Book Matrimonial Advertisement in Ei Samay Newspaper?

আপনি যদি নিজের বিয়ের জন্য পাত্র বা পাত্রী খুজছেন তাহলে আপনার চিন্তার দিন শেষ । আজি নিজের মানের পাত্র বা পাত্রী পেতে এই সময় নিউজপেপারে একটি বিয়ের বিজ্ঞাপন বুক করে নিন। আপনার বিয়ের জানান পাত্র পাত্রীর সঠিক সন্ধান এখানেই শেষ হয়ে যেতে পারে। আমাদের অনলাইন এডভার্টাইসমেন্ট এজেন্সী থেকে বহু বাবা মা তার সন্তানের জন্য বিয়ের বিজ্ঞাপন দিয়ে খুশি হয়েছেন। কারণ আমাদের এজেন্সী বাকি এজেন্সি দের মতো জোর করে কখনো কিছু বিক্রি করে না । আপনি আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করলে আপনার প্রয়োজন ও উদ্দেশ্য সম্পর্কে বিবেচনা করে কি ধরনের বিজ্ঞাপন দিতে পারেন সে বিবিসয়ে জানিয়ে দি। আপনার যা প্রয়োজন তার বাইরে কিছু বোঝানোর চেষ্টা করি না । আপনাদের বলে রাখা ভালো যে এই সময় এখন পশ্চিম বঙ্গের তৃতীয় বৃহত্তম দৈনিক সংবাদ পত্র । তাই আপনার বিজ্ঞাপন পৌঁছে যাবে প্রতিটি কলকাতাবাসী ও তথা সারা পশ্চিমবংলায়। এই সময় হলো দি টাইমস অফ ইন্ডিয়া গ্রূপ এর বাংলা দৈনিক খবরের কাগজ, তাই ভরসা রাখতে পারেন । আপনার বিয়ের বেপারে আপনি যতটা না চেষ্টা করছেন তার থেকে বেশি চেষ্টা আমরা করে থাকি যাতে আপনি সঠিক খবরের কাগজে আপনি আপনার বিজ্ঞাপন প্রকাশ করেন। আমাদের প্রচেষ্টা ও আপনাদের বিশ্বাস এভাবেই আপনি আপনার বিবাহের লক্ষে ঠিক পৌঁছে যাবেন । প্রতিটি পাঠক কে ধন্যবাদ জানাই ।

পাত্র চাই পাত্রী চাই বিজ্ঞাপন এখন মাত্র Rs. 1025 টাকাতেই।

Now you don’t have to go anywhere to find the bride or groom you like. Find out then who will get the quality people in the method.

If you are looking for a bride or groom for your wedding then your worries are over. Book a wedding advertisement in the newspaper Ei Samay to get your quality bride or groom today. Finding the right bride and groom can end up here. Many parents from our online advertising agency are happy with the wedding advertisement for their child. Because our agency never sells anything like the rest of the agencies. If you contact us, let the BBC know what kind of ads you can consider considering your needs and motives. Don’t try to explain anything beyond what you need. It is good to tell you that Ei Samay is now the third-largest daily newspaper in West Bengal. So your ad will reach every Kolkata resident and all over West Bengal. Ei Samay is The Times of India Group’s Bengali daily newspaper, so you can count on it. We try harder than you can to get your marriage Ad published in the right newspaper. Our efforts and your faith will help you to reach your goal of marriage. Thanks to every reader.

How to book a matrimonial ad in Anandabazar Patrika/ Bartaman/ Ei Samay/ Times of India in Kolkata?


Power of Newspaper Matrimonial Advertisement

Know the power of Matrimonial classified Advertisement:

Like any other love marriage, everybody is not so lucky. On an average 60 to 70 percent of marriages start from newspaper matrimonial advertisement. Love, the strongest and deepest element in all life, the harbinger of hope, of joy, of ecstasy; love, the definer of all laws, of all conventions; love, the freest, the most powerful molder of human destiny; how can such an all-compelling force be synonymous with that poor little State- and Church-begotten weed, marriage?

Let’s say you want to book matrimonial advertisement in newspaper and it’s very important. Because it gives you endless matches from any society and religion. We have seen many people get married after 35 years. Because they did not get the match before they published the matrimonial advertisement.

matrimonial-headerAlso, you can read our other articles on

Newspaper matrimonial classified Offer! Why book your matrimonial newspaper advertisement with

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Few popular matrimonial advertisement in newspaper:

Anandabazar Patrika: Book 1 Ad get 1 free

The Times of India: Book 3 Ad get 3 free

The Hindustan Times: Book 2 Ad get 2 free

Matrimonial ads based on the language are further classified as Assamese, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Kashmiri, Gujarati, etc. In terms of post matrimonial ads are categorized under Cast, Religion, Profession – Doctors, Engineers, CA, MBA, Advocates, etc. These advertisements are normally simple text advertisements that have simple sentences to bypass confusion. Like any other newspaper ads, matrimonial ads are priced based on the number of words, lines, and characters and therefore you need to create your ad keeping in mind certain factors.

Bartaman Patrika Patri Chai Classified Matrimonial Advertisement 2 Helpful Tips

bartaman patrika patri chai

Quick Tips of Bartaman Patrika Patri Chai Patro Chai Advertisement

  • Book BartamanClassified Matrimonial Ad Online to save time
  • Booknewad Ad is the Best Newspaper Matrimonial Advt Agency
  • Know the Price of Bartaman Matrimonial Classified Ad
  • No need for any advertisement booking office visit

বর্তমান পত্রিকাতে পাত্র চাই /পাত্রী চাই (Bartaman Patrika Patri chai/Patro chai) (BartamanClassified) অ্যাড দেওয়া এখন আরো সহজ, আমাদের ওয়েবসাইটের দ্বারা আপনি বাড়ি থেকে বুকিং করে দিতে পারেন। আপনাকে বুকিং এর স্থিতি এস.এম.এস. এর মাধ্যমে জানিয়ে দেওয়া হবে। এই পুরো বুকিং এর ব্যবস্থা টি নিরাপদ এবং পুরপুরি আপনার নজরের সামনেই হবে। অনলাইনে রেট গুলো দেকতে পারেন এবং বুকিং করতে একুনি ক্লিক কারুন এখানে

Book BartamanClassified newspaper Ad online. Bartaman Patrika Classified Matrimonial advertisement. Or Bartaman Patrika Patri chai Patra chai Ads online.
These ads can book at your home by writing a classified ad on white paper. Then visit our website and check the Ad cost. You can get the status of the advertisement on our website.
This booking process is online and at your fingertip. Get offers on our website. Book your Bartaman Patrika Classified Matrimonial Advertisement in 1 click. Bartaman Patrika Patri Chai Advertisement booking is now available on mobile. You can check the video here.

অন্যান্য অ্যাড বুক করতে পারবেন যেমন ব্যবসা-বানিজ্য, শিক্ষা, কর্ম খালি, জামি-বাড়ি, ঘরবাড়ি-ফ্ল্যট ভাড়া, পারসনাল/ব্যক্তিগত, স্মরণে, জন্মদিন, বিবাহ বার্ষিকী, নাম পদবি পরিবর্তন (সনি-রবি বাদে), হারান প্রাপ্তি, কর্ম প্রার্থী ইত্যাদি…।

আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করতে ফোন / হোয়াটসঅ্যাপ করুন  – 7098989891 বা মেইল করে পাঠান এই ঠিকানাতে care(@)adeaction(.)com

Are you happy with your Bartaman Patrika Classified Matrimonial ad agent? You can tell us on Whats App or email.

Why do you need to visit any advertisement booking office? If you can do it by yourself in no time then why you are looking for offline services. Our website charges for the ad only. If you want to try the Bartaman Matrimonial rate calculator please click here. Type the Ad text in the Ad compose box. You will get the Total Number of Letters and the estimated Ad cost.

Why Booknewad Ad is the Best for Top Newspaper Advertising?

Bartaman is one of the second leading newspapers in West Bengal. So any way readers will the newspaper. But when it comes to BartamanClassified Advertising. People hesitate to do it online. We tried to find the problem and guess what? We got to know the issues from advertisers. They say that we did not get the correct advertising charges for Bartaman. We realize that users are ready to book BrtamanClassified Ads online. But no agency is charging in a proper way.

So we decided to solve the problem and present The Best Newspaper Advertising service provider in India. You can order BartamanClassified Advertisement online. After booking track the order status, invoice, and many more.

Bartaman Classified Advertisement Make ad in newspaper & Fulfills Effectively

Recruitment Ad in TOI

Bartaman Classified has claimed 40 percent of ABP’s reader’s relationship.

After dominating the newspaper market for years, ABP found itself a potential competitor in Bartaman Classified. No wonder it is the most preferred newspaper in the Bengali language in West Bengal. Dating back to the 1920s ABP naturally dominates the market under being in it for such a long time. But Bartman Patrika advertisement agent has done a great job, they bring advertisements for the publication also Bartman Patrika ad agency in Kolkata have tried.

However, time changes, and when it does, fortunes alter as well. If one has to point out the most read regional newspaper of Kolkata, Anandabazar Patrika definitely steals the show. Launched by Barun Sengupta, who used to work for Anandabazar before, Bartaman worked its way to become the second most preferred Bengali newspaper in Kolkata.

bartaman classified Posting an ad in Bartaman has now been simplified by To book classified ads in Bartaman online, you can do it from home. You can book advertisements for Business, Recruitment, Change of Name, Property/To Rent, Matrimonial, Education, Personal, etc. In conclusion, please let me know which newspaper you have selected for your Newspaper Job vacancy advertisement. So that we can help you further. Get your Bartaman rate instantly. Bartaman Patrika advertisement collection centre in behala. Bartaman classified agents for Newspaper ad booking.

What is the cost of advertising in Bartaman ?

Bartaman Ad cost is different for different ad categories. So no one can tell you the exact ad cost without knowing the category. But you can visit and find the suitable ad category. Then calculate the ad cost for Bartaman Classified Ad.

Which is the best day to publish an advertisement in Bartaman ?

Sunday is the best day for Bartaman Classified Ads.

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Newspaper Advertisement Booking home page home page

You can follow these simple guidelines to make your Times Group Newspaper Classified Ad more effective. Give complete information related to your Ad to get the ad published in the newspaper. Select your choice of newspaper and then, pick up an ad booking package or an edition and then proceed to compose the ad, or you may upload your designed ad matter for classified display & muli column ads.

Newspaper Advertisement Booking Online with easy steps: has time and again proven itself to be an excellent platform for booking advertisements in any national and regional newspaper.

Now it has become too easy to book print classified ads in newspapers through classified booking process. Here you can book all sorts of commercial ads or ads related to public notices and other categories including matrimonial ads, property, business, etc at the lowest rates.

Book Newspaper Ads instantly with the lowest advertisement rates and best-classified ad offers with India’s top advertising agency in the top newspapers. Like The Times of India, Anandabazar Patrika, The Hindustan Times, Bartaman, etc.

Classified Text ads

Classified Text ads are the most popular and least expensive type of newspaper ads. The pricing is calculated per line or per word based on the newspaper. is the leading Advertising Agency serving clients. From Kolkata with the lowest quotes and effective media buying for all Indian Newspapers. As an Ad Agency, we have severed many satisfying clients for their newspaper advertising needs. We are in tie-up with all the leading newspaper publications across India like Times of India, Navbharat Times, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Punjab Kesari, Amar Ujala, and many more. You can book your Newspaper Ad instantly for any category such as Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Automobile, Change of Name, Astrology, Lost and Found, and Travel, etc. We accept both online and offline payments for advertisement bookings.