Know 5 Top Benefits of Newspaper Job advertising/ Vacancy Ads

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Here we will learn the top 5 benefits of newspaper job vacancy advertising, so read the rest.

I have seen even you may have seen running classified newspaper recruitment advertising like the image given below. So these are normally classifieds posted every day in printed newspapers, that we read every day. Job vacancy advertising is the most effective and broadly used method for hiring people for any organization. For example SME, Privet companies, Limited Companies, Partnership Farms, Privet Schools, Shops, Shopping Malls, Delivery Companies, Cab Services Providers & eCommerce companies, etc.

I have sorted TOP 5 Benefits for newspaper job advertising.

  1. Cost-Effective:
    Newspaper job advertising on the Classifieds page is very low-budget advertisements, starting at Rs. 50 per day.
  2. Regional Support:
    So you can start to publish in the local language and regional newspapers are there to help you book your ad in a regional language for example in Kolkata you can go with AnandaBazar Patrika, Bartaman; in Bangalore, we have Vijay Karnataka, for Kanpur go with Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagaran.
  3. Reach:
    Very easily anyone can catch the attention of a common man. So if your target is extremely backward crude then publishing a newspaper job vacancy advertising is the best solution.
  4. Multiple type ads:
    In newspapers, they have almost 3 to 10 types of various advertisement enhancements to highlight your content for better visibility. For instance, let’s say on the job vacancy advertising page they have posted thousands of classified advertisements but your ad was on the top of the page. So here enhancements can make your day with highlighting with color background, bold, border, tic mark, underline text, color text, Ad Heading, First Line Bold &, etc.
  5. Easy to Publish:
    Newspaper Classified Ad booking is the easiest method of hiring people/talent from any city to any destination. Just a couple of clicks and online payment away. I am using the platform for booking any newspaper recruitment advertising online. In addition, they have almost 275+ national and regional newspapers for booking your newspaper job advertising advertisements.

You can go for it with full confidence, I hope you will find the talent in a day.

In conclusion, please let me know which newspaper you have selected for your Newspaper Job vacancy advertisement. So that we can help you further.

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You can book Indian daily newspaper classified or display ads online via You can order any kind of line ads or multi-column ads via our ads booking portal. It was very useful for more than 2 million users so you can give it a try on the portal for testing the services for few seconds. Also, there is world-class customer service for all the customers on the go.

Here you will know the process to book classified advertisement in Indian newspaper online without any problem. Many online users nowadays order their Indian newspaper classified advertisements online, but they are doing it wrong. I will give you the 3 ways for you Indian newspaper classified booking and the 3rd option I personally preferred most.

So let’s start with the booking method:

1st: Generally you search on google Book Indian Newspaper Advertisement and google will show you a list of websites and ad agency’s name. You can select any website and book your ad online with them.

2nd: You can book classifieds in the Indian newspaper advertisement section by calling your Indian friend and ask for help. Otherwise, you have to come to India and do it locally by visiting any of the publication offices and give them directly. This is the common method of booking classified advertisement in Indian newspaper.

3rd: Finally you can try this option if you have no time for these small things. At the same cost with discounts, you can book Indian newspaper advertisement online without any problems. I ask the website for my change of name & matrimonial advertisement, they created the entire booking on my behalf of me and I had to pay the fees online. I verified all advertisement content with publication & edition details and paid securely.

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All the leading newspapers are listed on the portal for instantly book your ad, if you feel confused you can catch us on +91 7098989891 via voice call or WhatsApp (Call/Data Charges as per service provider).

Please do let me know which method do you use for booking your newspaper classified advertisement?