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Now book Anandabazar Patrika Obituary Advertisement/death announcement classified advertisements for Anandabazar Patrika at the lowest cost at Booknewad

Why Obituary Ad in Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper is important?

Booking Classified Display Obituaries on Booknewad is as easy as following simple steps:

The first step is to select the city here. Where you want to publish Obituary Ad. Under the Obituary category, there are subcategories. Like Death Acknowledgement, Death Anniversary, Remembrances, Kriya. And more specific headings for your ad to be listed under the most appropriate title. So that the ad reaches out to specific people.
The next page is the ‘Write or Create Ad’ page. It enables you to type your composed message. Or a professionally composed one to be published in a newspaper of your choice.
On the last page, you have to confirm your release dates along with clearing payment. Via our secure online & offline payment mediums.
The online payment mediums via Debit/Credit Cards & Net Banking (All Indian Banks).

Booking Classified Display Obituaries on Booknewad is as easy as following simple steps.

The selected ad type is ‘Classified Display’ in this case. The next step composing your ad. This step is choosing the Subcategory as Obituary, under which you want to publish your ad.
The most interesting & creative yet simple step is composing the ‘display classified’ ad. You can customize your ad by adding the image of the deceased. You may specify the appropriate ceremony that is being held in honor of your loved one. It makes your invitation or ceremony distinct. To ensure that your ad appears in the newspaper exactly as you wished it to. Then preview your ad.
To conclude the booking process & receive an instant confirmation. Confirm your release date and clear your payments. Via our secure online payment mediums which include Debit/Credit Card & Net Banking.

How To Compose Your Obituary Ad In Anandabazar Patrika To Get Largest Response?

An obituary is a notice of a person’s death and usually contains a brief account of the person’s life. Obituary advertisements provide contact details of the family of the bereaved for people to pay their respects. As well as the details of the upcoming funeral or memorial service. Here is why you should book your obituary ads in newspapers:

Provides Information: Obituary advertisements provide information about a recently deceased person. As well as a brief biography about them.

Reaching Family and Friends: Obituary advertisements help to reach out to extended family members. And friends of the deceased so that they may come and pay their respects.

Bring People Together: Obituary advertisements help to bring friends and acquaintances close. To the family of the deceased.

Paying Respect: Obituary advertisements serve to pay homage to the deceased as well as honor their achievements.

Wide Reach of Newspapers: In India, a large number of people in cities and villages across the country read newspapers. Newspapers are read by people from all walks of life.

Obituary Ad Composing Tips:

Mention the name of the Advertiser name in the ad.
Please mention the date of death within the ad content.
Ensure not to mention the reason for death within the ad content.
Mention the address or venue in case you are organizing an event.
Ensure to inform the date & time if events such as Shradh/ month’s mind mass/ Cremation etc. are organized.
Mention the names of the person, who are placing the obituary ad.

Newspaper Advertisement – How to Book Newspaper Ad Online

Book Newspaper Ads Online


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Follow the given process below to post an ad in the newspaper.

  1. Select from the Classified Text Option to book classified Ads in Newspapers.
  2. Choose Advertisement Category like Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property, Rental, Name Change, Public Notice and etc.
  3. Select Newspapers like Times of India, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Hindustan Times, etc., and choose ad rate from the city list.
  4. Compose your Ad referring Ad Samples, Choose enhancement options to get higher visibility.
  5. Select Date from the calendar box.
  6. Make payment through Credit / Debit Card, Internet Bank. Deposit the payment in our ICICI bank account. So you get your ad published in Newspaper on the desired selected date.

Advertisement in Newspaper

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