Times Advertisement Offer Rates for 22-23 Times Classified

Times Advertisement rates and booking process:


If you are looking for Ad Rates for Times of India 2022-23, then please visit the site www.adeaction.com. All the advertisement rates related to any type of advt division like Announcement, Astrology, Business, Change of Name, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Lost & Found, Marriage Bureau, Matrimonial, Obituary, Personal, Property, Public Notice & Tenders, Recruitment, Remembrance, Retail, Services, To Rent, Travel, Vehicles. The best thing is Times of India has more than 30 publication cities in India. If you are planning to book any advertisement with Times group then it’s the best choice to publish an advt. It’s having a maximum number of circulation within India.

Ad rates for Times of India highly covered states are:

Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Hubli, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jaipur Upcountry, Kanpur, Kochi Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, Nashik, Patna, Pune, Ranchi & Surat.

Not only check ad rates for Times of India also you can paste your advertisement content here and calculate the cost. After you type your ad matter you can schedule the ad and pay the bills online.

From these locations, Times distributors are collecting a bunch of paper and giving it to your doors. If you are looking for the best rates for times of India advertisement booking. Then we can assist you at any time. No question ask we only give you the best rates as per your requirement. Feel free to get in touch with us by mail us care[@]adeaction[.]com

Advertisement in Times of India Newspaper with easy Online steps.

book newspaper ad in the times of india nwspaper

Whenever you think of booking an Advertisement in Times of India, you might come across issues like which paper, what will be the charges and what results could I expect? While these questions are very common with first-time advertisers, they are not very different even with the most qualified marketing professionals as everyone wishes to get the most results.

online newspaper ad booking
newspaper ad booking online process

To answer the first question, the English newspaper which has the largest circulation is The Times Of India with a total readership of larger than 7.8 million. It has a high brand stake. Get The Times of India advertisement rate card here.

For solving other queries, you can follow these steps which can explain the ad booking method:

  1. Arrange the budget: Define the minimum and the highest amount for investment in the advertisement. The budget bracket has to be fixated so that you can then study for the best options as per the estimates bracket.
  2. Manage advertisement type: The Advertisement in Times of India can be of the following types:
    1. Display advertisement: These are advertisements that are most noticeable as holding a large portion of the page; contain writing, logos, icons, and appear beside the regular content of the publication. With big-budget companies advertising their product and services. These are the most costly advertisements in the newspaper. Times of India advertisement cost is negotiable.

Ad Booking Process & About Times of India

  1. Times of India Classified Ads:
    Times Classified Ads The TOI classifieds arrive in designated classifieds columns of the publication usually present as a separate pull-out paper with the main publication. Usually charges per line of content.
  2. Classified Display Ads:
    These are related to the display ads but are relatively much cheaper. Usually, text, images, and logos are classified as display ad content, and charges per SQCM.
  3. Classified Text Ads: These are only text advertisements in the classified column.
  4. Draft the Advertisement:  Try to make a draft of all things the ad should have like text, pictures, logos, etc.

  5. Go for Printing:
     At this step, most advertisers get confused because of the discussions involved. But to avoid all the hassles, you can simply log onto adeaction.com. Adeaction helps you in booking your ads in Times Of India while sitting at your place. The website provides a facility for the selection of advertisement type, classification (matrimonial, real estate, etc.). Ad planning using sample ads, cities in which the ad will be displayed in the newspaper, and finally. Easy payment due to the availability of both online as well as offline payment choices. Also, the team is experienced in this field for around 9 years. They give consultancy to the client until he is happy with the result.

You can click https://www.booknewad.com/news/the-times-of-india to satisfy all the queries and get the booking of your ad without trouble. The platform is very helpful in online ad bookings as it helps in customizing the ad as per your preference. Because of the huge number of readers and economical Times of India advertisement rates, this is the best newspaper. When clubbed with Adeaction as a booking platform offers a perfect option.

Newspaper Matrimonial Ad in Times of India booking easy process:

  1. Click on this link https://www.booknewad.com/news/the-times-of-india/matrimonial/text-ad to book a matrimonial ad.
  2. Proceed with choosing the excellent package suiting your budget.
  3. Make your advertisement by picking a template and uploading your content.
  4. Finally, select the date, pay, and get your ad print!
  5. In case of any request, call Times of India advertisement contact number 07098989891 or email at [email protected].
How To Book An Ad in Times of India Newspaper?

Publishing TOI Advertisement – To book your Times of India newspaper ad online in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose Ad Type as Classified Text or Display Classified to proceed towards taking the section so that advertisement appears under that heading.
  2. Then Select city name and compose your TOI advertisement with the help of online enhancements and verify it via our exclusive Live Preview Ad Feature
  3. Lastly, just choose the preferred Release Dates concerning the Times of India newspaper schedule for specialized supplements and category-specific ad days & move ahead to clear the payments via convenient online or offline medium to receive instant confirmation on Adeaction.
Advertisement in Times of India
Advertisement in Times of India

The online payment modes – Credit Card, Debit Card modes, and Net banking, while the offline options vary from Demand Drafts, Cheques, and NEFT (Online Cash Transfer) to Cash Deposit from.

Upon successful payment, you’ll receive an invoice. That confirms your Times of India ad booking and payment details. Your Times Itaract newspaper ad is ready to be published on the specified date(s). So once it passes through the editorial approval policies of the Times of India.

For any more details and queries about booking online advertisements in TOI please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section. Also, you can check Question & Answer Forum, Call us, or chat with our experts instantly!

Why Times of India Advertising is So popular?

Advertisement in Times of India allows you to access its innovative advertising solutions. In the form of simple text ads in running lines with customizable formatting. Display ads that can be published in various sizes and forms. Adeaction helps you create your unique advertisement in a few seconds. To know more see our category sample Times of India classified ads.

Printed in over 50 editions and having circulation exceeding 32 Lakh copies daily, TOI newspaper advertisement displays high brand equity to its advertisers.

How to know Which Times of India commercial is best for my Business?

While advertising in The Times of India newspaper, it is important to know the right days to advertise. It depends on the genre and category of your TOI newspaper Classified Ad. This, along with multiple insertions, will ensure a better brand recall value among readers. Therefore ensuring that your message reaches the right audience and at the right time.

  1. Sunday is the most popular day for Classifieds in the Times of India newspaper under the Times Interact section.
  2. Matrimonial Classifieds on Sunday in Times Soulmate.
  3. Property Classifieds on Saturday & Sunday in Property Times & Sunday classifieds.
  4. Recruitment on Wednesday in Times of India under the Times Jobs section.
  5. All other Categories are advertised as per the need of the advertiser.


Times of India newspaper job vacancy advertisement booking

Recruitment Ad in TOI

Times of India newspaper job vacancy

The rule of recruitment in our country is not diverse from others. The entire tool can be painstaking and tedious. The Times of India newspaper job vacancy booking method involves reviewing the requirements of a job, bringing workers, screening, choosing, and hiring. As cumbersome as it can be, it is undoubtedly crucial and stiff. Finding the right applicant leads to the eventual achievement of a company, thereby making the method a non-negotiable one. So please read our article about how to book Recruitment Ad in TOI.

In our country, letting out the message for recruitment originated with printing a recruitment advertisement in newspapers, job exchange councils, worker referrals, and sources. Currently, the process has also increased to the digital platform through online career gateways. With the approach of the internet, the digital method may have become rampant but the usual methods, especially advertisements have not turned obsolete.

What are others doing for Recruitment Ad in TOI

Many businesses still prefer giving out to potential representatives via newspaper advertising since not everyone is technically active or has an entrance to the internet. A larger chunk of the community hailing in remote cities of our nation still does not own smartphones but is still in dire need of employment. It is a preferred channel to target the right employee set as 45% of the Indian people (12+ years old) still swear by newspapers, thereby verifying the enough of this process. 

Following this, firms are left with another important choice to make- the newspaper to publish recruitment ads with. The ideal choice would continuously be The Times of India newspaper job vacancy advertisement. Soaring readership, highest reach, and nationwide reputation make it a complete choice. Providing honest and class news pieces, The Times of India today’s employment advertisement is absolutely a favorable option.

How to book a Recruitment Ad in TOI

But is the method of booking The Times of India vacancy ad taking you back? Well, worry no further as Adeaction simplifies the whole method of advertising with The Times of India. India’s biggest online advertising agency- Adeaction has a DSC approval and goodwill unlike any other in the digital ad booking business. With just a few easy moves, you will book your ad without facing trouble.text

  1. Please open this link to print your recruitment ad with Adeaction- https://www.booknewad.com/news/the-times-of-india/recruitment-jobs/text-ad
  2. Select the display type- classified text /display. 
  3. Move with the favorable ad booking package and cities. 
  4. Compos as per policy & design your ad. Choose any template and upload ad content.
  5. Make the payment according to the package, choose the specific date of printing and you are good to go! 

For inquiries or support, call 07098989891 or email [email protected].

Booking your ad online will help you save time as well as simplify the process. Book your advertisement without any problems!