Get Times of India matrimonial advertisement at lowest rates

Many people nowadays search for Times of India matrimonial advertisement rates online and get many results but most of them are useless. But now you get the best way for matrimonial advertisement in newspaper format from online platform. So here I will tell you how to get the lowest toi matrimonial advertisement rates

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If you are ready to book times of india matrimonial ad online then you can follow the below steps and get the best possible discounted ad cost for your coming Sunday times of india newspaper matrimonial classified ads.

  1. Compose the ad in 125 to 130 letters including symbols and spaces.
  2. Use smart abbreviations (PQM4, M4, QM4, etc.) to reduce the length of the Ad.
  3. Avoid email id in the content.
  4. Write very specific information about your Groom/Bride.
  5. Try using one phone/contact/mobile number in the ad.
  6. Create at list 3 or 4 samples of your content

Compose your times of india matrimonial ad samples

After you compose your Matrimonial Ad content for TOI, you can contact with us on phone or WhatsApp at +91 7098989891, and will give you the best rate for your times of india sunday matrimonial ad.